Literacy Windows Mural Project: Pittsburgh, PA

20 x 30′, digital photomontage output to single sheet of vinyl. First installed on side of the Heinz Ketchup Plant in downtown Pittsburgh (top image) 1993, one year later, moved to permanent location on the Goodwill Industries bookstore on Pittsburgh’s historic Southside. 

Lead artists: Lisa Link and Carolyn P. Speranza
Student artist assistants: Daniel Yauger, Emily Lambert, George Kanakis, Hajara Bey, and Heba Ali

In 1992, Lisa Link and Carolyn P. Speranza were commissioned by the Times Mural Project to create a community-based digital mural addressing the theme of “Literacy Through the Arts.” Link and Speranza worked with five high school students through an after-school program at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. Their design is the result of extensive research on the subject of literacy. The image displays the artistic team’s response to the issue as explored through community research, observations, interviews, and group discussions. The design was completed in June of 1993. Production work took place at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University.

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