UMass Boston Design

Senior Web Designer for UMass Boston. Member of a 5-person design team who, working under our director, are responsible for design/development of a 15K+ page website. Yes, it’s true, I chose a pre-made WordPress theme for this portfolio as a little “vacation” from coding.

Transitional Brand

UMass Boston is rebranding in 2022 and I worked closely with the marketing, creatives services teams, and our web developers to design & produce a transitional visual style for web marketing. This post contains screenshots showing the work process of sketching out the style and and applying it to different mediums such as web page, web form, app, and emails. This style will phase out when the new brand is implemented.

Wireframes and Planning

A lot of my design work is helping divisions figure out goals and plan their site architecture. I love making wireframe charts and introduced using visual flow charts into our team workflow. We use SKETCH for design work.

Other Projects

  • One of my favorite projects was working with a developer and marketing to design the first UMass Boston shopping cart. My role was leading the visual design and user testing for the shopping cart and, related to the cart, a multi-screen registration form. This was a welcome modernization to the website.
  • Additionally, I worked with the developer and a student PACE employee to significantly update our online map and map icons.
  • Finally a fairly recent project was a team design and launch of a custom site for the library. Homepage launched with a photo that I took for the “hero”. In addition to collaborative design work, I led the training of the library staff in how to work with their new site and created both print and video guides.

Older Projects

About 10 years ago, our team re-made the site and I played a big role, under the lead art direction of our director, in designing the tiles blocks that make up this modular design. I worked closely with the developers on a process to seamless transfer & track 100s of “hero” images from an old design to this one. Worked on new directory design as well as menus, buttons and page layouts.

Even Earlier Projects

  • When first hired, I designed a few custom sites for UMass Boston including working with the History department to make a site that featured original research and writing on the history of London.
  • I collaborated with a colleague in University Advancement to establish the YouTube channel for UMass Boston and set up other social media channels.
  • Also, with my director, I introduced Google Analytics to our team and helped implement.

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