PaintBox Boston

Seal of city image and word Paintbox and Boston Art commission.

13 Revisions

Please NOte: Some damage to the box, repairing paint Nov 3 -5, 2022.

As a longtime Boston resident, was so excited to have art accepted into the 2022 City of Boston Paintbox program. Painted my assigned electrical box, August, 2022.

In an era of rampant and often unrecognized ageism despite the impact of COVID-19 on older adults, I wanted to create an artwork that symbolically honors all stages of life, especially the later stages. My design celebrates the lifecycle of the dandelion and its fabulous transition into a seed-bloom-globe shape. I love how resilient the dandelion is, how it burst colors poking through the sidewalks. I have lived in cities most of my life and my earliest happy memories are picking dandelions, which I thought were magically beautiful and it was only much later in life that I learned many people consider them weeds.

Thank you to everyone in the city of supports this program, to the many people who stopped by to chat while I was painting, especially someone named “Franci,” to Amber Torres for endless patience answering my emails and to the amazing staff at Blick Art in the Fenway who also advised on supplies.

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