Latino Pioneers Project: Boston City Hall

Portrait photography and print design for Latino Pioneers in Boston, a documentary, magazine and poster exhibit directed and produced by Blanca Bonilla. Blanca & I are longtime collaborators/friends. I discussed with Blanca the idea of applying the art/design format from the Family Storybook Project to Latino Pioneers in Boston and Blanca agreed to include in the project. I really love working with people in this extended portrait format blending photography and design.

Photos show the 9/23/21 celebration event with speakers and a large group of Boston Public School students. Exhibit was in the Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery, Boston City Hall, September 1- 30, 2021. A City of Boston announcement describes the event. I am grateful and honored to be part of Blanca Bonilla’s creative circle for Latino Pioneers in Boston as a photographer and print designer.

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