Latino Pioneers: Photos & Prints

Portrait photography and print design for Latino Pioneers in Boston, a documentary, magazine and poster exhibit directed and produced by Blanca Bonilla. Blanca & I are longtime collaborators/friends. I discussed with Blanca the idea of applying the art/design format from the Family Storybook Project to Latino Pioneers in Boston and Blanca agreed to include in the project. I really love working with people in this extended portrait format blending photography and design.

Grateful and honored to be part of Blanca Bonilla’s creative circle for Latino Pioneers in Boston as a photographer and a print designer. I accompanied Blanca to the interviews to take these photos (except for Alfredo, which was taken by Blanca in Cuba.) I designed the posters with text from the interviews that Blanca provided. I also include below other photos that I took documenting events during the project production.

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