In Transit: Voices & Vision

Visit the In Transit: Voices & Vison project website for full documentation of process, individual prints, list of student artists, media.

In Transit: Voices & Vision was a series of of community designed prints on the theme of “Journey” displayed inside MBTA Orange and Red Line trains, August & September 2016. Project Leaders: Lisa Link, Brad Bleidt and Suamy Ventura worked with student artists from Urban Scholars at UMass Boston. In Transit: Voices & Vision was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ Creative City Program, with funding from the Barr Foundation.

Thousands of teenagers ride the MBTA every day, and this art project gave them an opportunity to inject their own voice and vision into a public space normally dominated by commercial advertising.

With guidance from the artists, the Urban Scholars students engaged in a multi-disciplinary process over a period of several months. They conducted  inter-generational interviews on the theme of  “journey” with adults from family, work, school as well as the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning and pre-collegiate programs at UMass Boston. They reviewed the interviews, posted excerpts on their personal blogs, shared the results  with each other and chose their favorite quotes. The Urban Scholars students used the quotes as a starting point for their individual designs. They sketched out ideas with pencils and pastels. They embarked on painting and photography studio explorations and  finally combined the words and images together in the computer with Photoshop.

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