Art on Buses: Pittsburgh

End of The Line: Building Bridges with Pittsburgh’s Busways

Collaboration with artist Carolyn Speranza

A community-based artistic collaboration examining historic and contemporary issues in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods­ resulting in the creation of 5 digital collages displayed on 20 PAT buses for one year: spring 1997 to spring 1998.

These collages are designed to cross boundaries between neighborhoods symbolically in their unifying cultural themes and literally in their method of display on PAT buses and placement on the World Wide Web.

These themes were developed through workshops that Lisa Link & Carolyn Speranza led at six Carnegie Branch libraries in the summer of 1996. Participants contributed their oral histories and photographs to the project and were taught how to make collages by the artists. During the fall of 1996, the artists further refined the project with additional visits to each neighborhood and meetings with workshop participants. The artists then assembled the five digital collages in the computer and created the project’s web site from the project’s archive during the winter and spring of 1997.

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