Crimson Summer Academy: Design

Thrilled to join the founding faculty & staff of the Crimson Summer Academy (CSA) at Harvard University in 2003. Developed digital imaging/visual storytelling curriculum and (part-time in summer) taught students from Boston and Cambridge public schools accepted into this visionary pre-collegiate program. Since 2011, I have worked as a freelance designer/photographer for CSA creating books, brochures, t-shirts, posters and the website.

10th Anniversary Book

I loved working on this project. They gave me a big folder of raw material and complete freedom on how to design and organize it. I integrated a timeline as well as articles, infographics, maps, quotations, and over 400 images into this book.

Alumni Book

Another marketing booklet project where they gave me text content and I designed the entire publication.


Initial design & photography for Crimson Summer Academy website

Promotional materials

Annual trifold, t-shirt, holiday card and special projects such as calendars and banners.


Some small views of book jacket design. One of the goals in designing for this program is to intentionally include many photos of the students in order to recognize their achievements.

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