Latino Pioneers Exhibit at Boston City Hall

Grateful and honored to be part of the creative team for Latino Pioneers in Boston, produced and directed by Blanca Bonilla. This project includes a documentary, a magazine, and a portrait exhibition featuring the stories of eight pioneers and their migration journeys. My role was portrait photography and poster design. I truly loved creating these posters and working with Blanca who provided all the text for each poster from the interviews she conducted with the pioneers.

The exhibit was on display in the Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery, Boston City Hall, September 1-30, 2021. Most photos here are from the celebration on September 23rd. Thank you to colleagues Colleen Locke for copy editing work and Sarah Weatherbee for reviewing margins & font choices.

Slideshow of people including some of the pioneers in the gallery.

  • Mayor's Neighborhood Gallery Latino Pioneers Exhibit

Slideshow of the celebration, Boston City Hall Plaza.

Slideshow of framing & filming.

  • Frieda Garcia in front of park with her name engraved in cement, families at playground in background.

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